12 Questions for Hiring Freelance B2B Copywriters for Websites

Questions to ask a freelance B2B Copywriter. Boston-based Westebbe Marketing

Before hiring freelance B2B copywriters for websites, marketers should know the right questions to ask.

ARE ALL B2B COPYWRITERS THE SAME? SOME MARKETERS SEE COPYWRITERS AS BEING A DIME A DOZEN…OTHERS KNOW BETTER. When marketers hire freelance B2B copywriters for websites, getting high quality results should be the number one priority. B2B writers who create website content vary greatly in experience, expertise, professionalism–and rates. If you want your website to shine, don’t be tempted to go with a low-cost, inexperienced writer or content mill. It pays to invest in a top-notch writer who will provide high-quality, original content that your audience will appreciate.

If you’ve haven’t hired a freelance (or haven’t found the right one), here are some valuable tips.

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Leverage Your Buyer Persona Template for B2B Marketing

Who is your ideal customer?

Ideal customer circled in read
Know your ideal customer by creating an audience persona

When you create messaging and programs, who are you writing for? Do you really know your ideal customer–or are they nameless, faceless statistics? Do you have a buyer persona template to work from?

If all you know about your customer is dry demographic data–their age, gender, income, and title–there’s no personal connection. You may stereotype them, or simply guess what their problems are. Worst of all, you can fail to engage them in a way that leads them to your unique products and services.

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Secrets to Authoring Great B2B Blog Articles

Secrets to Authoring a Great Blog Article. Person Writing. Westebbe Marketing. Boston Copywriter

It occurred to me that writing B2B blog articles is not so different than business writing in general. I went online and searched for “better business writing” to compare my professional blog writing advice with experts focusing on business writing. Sure enough, most of the same tips apply.

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Don’t Miss Out: Use Hashtags on LinkedIn to Boost B2B Engagement.

2 hands joining together over "Content"

LinkedIn is an unbeatable platform for publishing B2B content.

LinkedIn is prime content real estate for B2B Marketers, and using hashtags on LinkedIn is a . There are many reasons why business make it a major part of their social media strategies, including:

  • Thought Leadership: LinkedIn is one of the best spaces for publishing long-form content that builds credibility and the perception of expertise among B2B professionals.
  • Engagement Opportunities: The platform offers numerous ways to build engagement with leads, customers, and peers through posts, comments, groups, articles, and more.
  • SEO: Google search engines crawl every post on LinkedIn, supporting your SEO efforts.
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The Dirty Dozen: 12 Big Writing Mistakes That Can Sink Your B2B Blog

Sloppy Copy. 2+2=5 x'd out. Westebbe Marketing. Boston Copywriter

If you have a small to mid-size business with a B2B blog, bad writing can make it tank.

Blogging should be part of any content strategy and social media program. However, some B2B companies mistakenly put all their focus on the frequency of posting. While it’s true that frequent blogging can boost your search rankings, it’s equally true that poor writing will degrade your authority and cause your blog to underperform.

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