Quick Tips for Creating Your Blogging Calendar (and Why You Need One!)

Let me tell you a story about an unfortunate blogger…

Once upon a time I only blogged occasionally. It was enough to just have a few computer folders to organize my blogging: Blogs in Progress, Completed Blogs, and Blog Ideas. I had bits and pieces of fragmented semi-organizational system in notebooks, on my calendar, Trello boards, and more. Some stuff I just tried to remember—never a good idea!

Without everything in one location, every time I wanted to work on my blog I found myself riffling through items all over my desk and searching through my computer. I couldn’t get a handle on what I already did, what I was about to do, and what I would possibly do in the future. I was frustrated. I was wasting time.

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8 Great Ways that Blogging Can Help Small Businesses Improve Search Results

Every blog post is an opportunity to boost SEO for your small business.

Is blogging really worth it? On the plus side, it’s been shown that businesses that blog have been shown to see up to 55% more traffic than companies that don’t blog. On the other hand, for marketers at small B2B businesses, all the time and energy spent writing articles can just seem like an obstacle to completing critical and time-sensitive projects. This is especially true if your company doesn’t have a dedicated in-house writer.

However, if one of your main jobs as a marketer is to drive qualified leads to your website, it’s important to keep in mind that helping you get found in search results is one of blogging’s main benefits—and the primary reason you need to make close friends with your B2B blog, rather than view it as an annoying office mate. By blogging wisely, you can give your search rankings a huge boost, making it well worth your time and resources.

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Secrets to Authoring Great Blog Articles for B2B Audiences

Picture of person editing

It occurred to me that writing B2B blogs is not so different than business writing in general. I went online and searched for “better business writing” to compare my professional blog writing advice with experts focusing on business writing. Sure enough, most of the same tips apply.

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Blog Writing Advice: 43 Quotes from Expert Bloggers, Business Leaders, and Authors

Writing blog articles doesn’t always go the way you want it to. Sometimes the right topic is isive. Other times you’re off to a good start but get blocked in the middle. There are also days you’re in the groove, but hours later realize that you’ve wandered off course and need to start all over again. If you’re having a hard time concentrating (which happens to a lot of use these days), writing can feel like swimming in a sea of molasses.

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Put People First: B2B Blogging During COVID

Caring about customers

You’ve done a great job learning about your audience. You know why customers like to do business with you. You know what topics they care about. You know how to talk to them. Or at least you thought you knew. Now you’re not so sure. Perhaps it’s time to reflect on making changes to our blogging and content.

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