Help Your Freelance Writer Create High-Performing Content

Planning Effective Marketing Content for Better Results

Anyone who uses freelance writers knows what it’s like when the content project goes wrong – missed deadlines, excessive revisions, and confusion about responsibilities. These problems can cause anxiety, longer work hours, and even extra costs. Worst of all, you are more likely to end up with poor-quality content. But it doesn’t have to be that way. A thorough creative brief can make all the difference and generate optimal copy results. 

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24 Powerful Reasons to Increase Your Video Content

How much time did you spend watching videos this week? Personally, I researched the latest iphone, watched a few TED Talks, enjoyed some music performances, and opened some clips on social media. I viewed them on my laptop and my phone, just like billions of my fellow humans all over the world. It all adds up to video being the hottest content asset a company can have–and this article has the statistics to prove it.

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Confused about Long-Form and Short-Form Content? Here’s the Low-Down.

Man reading an article on tablet

One of the great mysteries of content marketing is how long a blog article should be. Does it make sense to spend hours or days writing a 3,000-word blog article, or would it be just as effective to spend one hour writing a 350-word post? Should I write a series of five 500-word articles or a single 2,500 word article? It’s all a question of how to harness your time and resources to achieve the greatest impact on traffic, leads, and customers.

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Is There a Difference Between B2B and B2C Content? Here’s What You Need to Know.

Concept: Apples, Not Oranges

Are B2B and B2C content like apples-to-apples…Or apples-to-oranges?

The picture above gives a pretty clear picture of my point-of-view: B2B and B2C content are like apples-to-oranges. But in actuality, it’s not really one or the other.

To mix metaphors, they are two different animals, although related—perhaps like wolves and dogs. They share a common canine ancestor, but it’s important to know the difference if one comes sniffing around your backyard! It’s equally important for content marketers to understand how B2B and B2C content differ so that they can use a strategy that works for their audience.

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Your Audience Persona Template for Better B2B Marketing

Who is your ideal customer?

Ideal customer circled in read
Know your ideal customer by creating an audience persona

When you create messaging and programs, who are you writing for? Do you really know your ideal customer–or are they nameless, faceless statistics?

If all you know about your customer is dry demographic data–their age, gender, income, and title–there’s no personal connection. You may stereotype them, or simply guess what their problems are. Worst of all, you can fail to engage them in a way that leads them to your unique products and services.

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