5 Great Articles on 2021 SEO Trends

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Who’s got the best insights About SEO Trends in 2021? There are sooooo many articles on the subject–and who wants to search through them all? To make it easier for you, I’ve done the search myself so you don’t have to. Here are articles on 2021 SEO trends from some of the most respected online sources. Just a note that these articles are for people with a fairly general knowledge of SEO, not for deep back-end coders and technical experts.

Many of the same SEO insights are repeated in the articles below, such as the importance of mobile and voice search. It’s worth strolling through each of these articles to see what they have in common, to glean “how-to” tips, and to pick up any advice you have yet heard from the pundits.

Learn and Enjoy!

Search Engine Journal (July 16, 2020): 101 Quick & Actionable Tips to Improve Your SEO

Each tip is only 1-2 sentence, but each makes a point. Most items are not so technical and within the realm of most content writers, but some are more “back end.” Read

Optinmonster (Dec. 11, 2020): 24 Expert SEO Tips & Advice to Boost Your Traffic in 2021

This is a very readable article with some easy, hands-on tips—little things that can make a big difference. It’s written for a general audience of marketers or writers, with nothing too technical. This list would provide a good checklist to make sure you’re doing all the basics to boost user experience. Read

Ahrefs (Sept. 1, 2020): 12 Quick SEO Tips to Increase Organic Traffic

I love Ahrefs as a source for concrete, helpful tips. This article focuses on actionable tips that they say you can do in 15 minutes or less. This seems doubtful for all of the items (such as #5 Repurpose blog posts as videos)—especially if you’re a solo freelancer or small shop, but others sound much more doable). Not surprisingly, it also plugs some of their own tools. Read

SEMRush (Updated Dec. 23. 2020): 12 SEO Trends to Know for 2021

This is a beefy, yet easy-to-read, guide that “gives you insights into some of the most relevant and timely search engine optimization trends to anticipate for 2021.” It’s not a how-to article but provides general guidance to adjust your SEO strategy—such as how voice search can impact keyword strategy. Read

Search Engine Watch (Sept. 28, 2020): What to Expect from SEO in 2021?

This article discusses the main trends that Search Engine Watch expects “to have an impact and change the direction of SEO in the coming year.” It not a long article, but shares some interesting insights in these areas: page experience ranking, mobile-first indexing, voice search, snippets, non-textual content, and UX SEO. Read

Takeaways You Can Use

Whether you’re a content marketer, copywriter, or interactive agency manager, leveraging up-to-date advice from industry experts will keep you in the running. I hope that these articles provide you with useful take-aways for planning your 2021 SEO strategy.

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