Don’t Miss Out: Use Hashtags on LinkedIn to Boost B2B Engagement.

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LinkedIn is an unbeatable platform for publishing B2B content.

LinkedIn is prime content real estate for B2B Marketers. There are many reasons why business make it a major part of their social media strategies, including:

  • Thought Leadership: LinkedIn is one of the best spaces for publishing long-form content that builds credibility and the perception of expertise among B2B professionals.
  • Engagement Opportunities: The platform offers numerous ways to build engagement with leads, customers, and peers through posts, comments, groups, articles, and more.
  • SEO: Google search engines crawl every post on LinkedIn, supporting your SEO efforts.

What’s missing from that the list above? LinkedIn’s hashtag funtionality. Unlike consumer-oriented social platforms, LinkedIn’s professional base provides extensive opportunities to leverage hashtags as a B2B marketing tool.

You can’t afford to pass up hashtags on LinkedIn.

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The 5 Most Important Rules to Increase the Readability of Your Blog Post

Increase the Readability f Your Blogpost

How much time does a typical reader spend on reading each blog article, a trait also known as “stickiness” or durability? The quick answer is not much time at all—the average person spends only 37 seconds reading a blog post. Miss that window of opportunity, and you can kiss that potential customer goodbye.

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The Dirty Dozen: 12 Big Writing Mistakes That Can Sink Your B2B Blog

If you have a small to mid-size business with a B2B blog, bad writing can make it tank.

Blogging should be part of any content strategy and social media program. However, some B2B companies mistakenly put all their focus on the frequency of posting. While it’s true that frequent blogging can boost your search rankings, it’s equally true that poor writing will degrade your authority and cause your blog to underperform.

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A Brief Guide to Writing B2B Technology Blogs

Are you struggling with writing blogs for your B2B technology audience? This task is often challenging for those who are used to writing for a more general consumer audience, and for writers who are not technology specialists. It may be a relief to know that whether you’re writing about APIs or home remodeling, the same general rules apply. Here are some basics= tips and how they might apply to your B2B technology blog articles.

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