Help Your Freelance Writer Create High-Performing Content

Planning Effective Marketing Content for Better Results

Anyone who uses freelance writers knows what it’s like when the content project goes wrong – missed deadlines, excessive revisions, and confusion about responsibilities. These problems can cause anxiety, longer work hours, and even extra costs. Worst of all, you are more likely to end up with poor-quality content. But it doesn’t have to be that way. A thorough creative brief can make all the difference and generate optimal copy results. 

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24 Powerful Reasons to Increase Your Video Content

How much time did you spend watching videos this week? Personally, I researched the latest iphone, watched a few TED Talks, enjoyed some music performances, and opened some clips on social media. I viewed them on my laptop and my phone, just like billions of my fellow humans all over the world. It all adds up to video being the hottest content asset a company can have–and this article has the statistics to prove it.

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How to Create White Papers that Build Authority, Traffic, and Leads

Writing a white paper seems daunting, so you might wonder if it’s worth it. This common B2B content marketing asset is certainly among the most impressive. But, as a B2B marketer, you might ask if an easier-to-create ebook or infographic will help you reach your objectives just as well. This blog article should help you answer this question.

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Confused about Long-Form and Short-Form Content? Here’s the Low-Down.

Man reading an article on tablet

One of the great mysteries of content marketing is how long a blog article should be. Does it make sense to spend hours or days writing a 3,000-word blog article, or would it be just as effective to spend one hour writing a 350-word post? Should I write a series of five 500-word articles or a single 2,500 word article? It’s all a question of how to harness your time and resources to achieve the greatest impact on traffic, leads, and customers.

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8 Great Ways that Blogging Can Help Small Businesses Improve Search Results

Every blog post is an opportunity to boost SEO for your small business.

Is blogging really worth it? On the plus side, it’s been shown that businesses that blog have been shown to see up to 55% more traffic than companies that don’t blog. On the other hand, for marketers at small B2B businesses, all the time and energy spent writing articles can just seem like an obstacle to completing critical and time-sensitive projects. This is especially true if your company doesn’t have a dedicated in-house writer.

However, if one of your main jobs as a marketer is to drive qualified leads to your website, it’s important to keep in mind that helping you get found in search results is one of blogging’s main benefits—and the primary reason you need to make close friends with your B2B blog, rather than view it as an annoying office mate. By blogging wisely, you can give your search rankings a huge boost, making it well worth your time and resources.

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