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Write Website Copy for Positive UX.

Build a solid foundation when writing website copy for positive UX. If you work on website content, you might not think about how to write website copy for positive UX (User Experience). UX may sound to you like a back-end term that’s best left up to developers. However, that’s a faulty assumption, especially if you’ll…

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12 Surefire Best Practices for Formatting Website Copy

Properly formatting website copy makes your webpages easy to scan. VISITORS COME TO YOUR WEBPAGE. BUT DO THEY ACTUALLY READ WHAT YOU WRITE? Probably not. More likely they scan the page—and this is where the art of formatting website copy is essential. Users today take only seconds to decide if they think a webpage is…

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Questions to ask a freelance B2B Copywriter. Boston-based Westebbe Marketing

12 Questions for Hiring Freelance B2B Copywriters for Websites

Before hiring freelance B2B copywriters for websites, marketers should know the right questions to ask. ARE ALL B2B COPYWRITERS THE SAME? SOME MARKETERS SEE COPYWRITERS AS BEING A DIME A DOZEN…OTHERS KNOW BETTER. When marketers hire freelance B2B copywriters for websites, getting high quality results should be the number one priority. B2B writers who create…

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Update! 2021 Blogging Trends and Predictions You Need to Know

What are the newest 2021 blogging trends—and why you should care! Update! If you’re researching 2021 blogging trends, you’ve come to the right place. Given the time and effort it takes to write and maintain your blog, it only makes sense to learn what works and what doesn’t. If you’re in a blogging rut, read…

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