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Rank Higher with SEO Copywriting

How can a copywriter contribute to a website’s success? In many cases, the answer is you can rank higher with SEO copywriting. Copywriters leverage two key techniques to boost webpage and blog post performance. The first is optimizing content with keywords. The second is creating high-quality, well-targeted content. Using these tools will help Google recognize…

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The Most Essential Tips for Planning an Ebook

If you’re a content marketer, ebooks are a hot commodity. Their potential for high-conversion rates makes them valuable assets for lead generation, but starting one can seem overwhelming. If you’re planning an e-book for your next content marketing campaign, here are tips on the what, why, and how of ebook writing. What is an Ebook?…

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7 Easy Steps to Reduce Bounce Rates

How Can You Improve SEO? Reduce Bounce Rates The scenario: Your SEO and content strategy worked and you’re finally at the top of the search engine results page (SERP). Your traffic escalates. Your next job is engaging visitors on your site. But what if your valued visitors only glance at the first page they land…

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