Checklist: 38 Best Website Copy Practices for 2021

Checklist of the Best Copywriting Practices for 2021.

Web copy practices have changed over time based on design trends, audience preferences, and Google’s latest algorithm. But what are today’s best website copy practices? But there are some website copywriting practices that never go out of style, be it 2021, 2031, or later. Regardless of current styles, the best, most engaging website copy is always high quality and puts the audience first.

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10 Easy Ways to Boost WordPress SEO without Plugins

Abstract image of increasing WordPress SEO with built-in tools--no extra WordPress plugins required.

Optimize your WordPress SEO– without plugins–and boost your business.

SEO techniques can be complicated, but WordPress makes it easy to do the basics—and it’s worth learning how. But WordPress SEO without plugins makes it a bit harder. However, it’s not impossible. Tweaking the platform’s user-friendly built-in SEO tools will help you rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs) for greater visibility, traffic, and credibility.

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9 Ingredients to Create Valuable Blog Posts.

Valuable blog post ingredients

Valuable Blog Posts are the Only Type of Blog Post That Count.

Unless you create valuable blog posts for your reader, you might as well dump your hard work into the trash can. All the SEO and paid online ads in the world won’t improve traffic and conversion if no one clicks on your web page or blog article and takes actionable steps—like filling out a contact form or downloading a white paper. Even if you don’t create worthwhile content, the other tools you use won’t do you much good.

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How (and Why) to Create Your Blog Editorial Calendar

Get a blogging plan--Create a blog editorial calendar.

Let me tell you a story about an unfortunate blogger who didn’t create a blog editorial calendar…

Once upon a time there was a marketing writer who didn’t create a blog editorial calendar. You guessed it–that copywriter was me, just a few years ago. It was enough to just have a few computer folders to organize my blogging: Blogs in Progress, Completed Blogs, and Blog Ideas. I had bits and pieces of fragmented semi-organizational system in notebooks, on my calendar, Trello boards, and more. Some stuff I just tried to remember—never a good idea!

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