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SMB writer in Boston, with expertise and versatility

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Use an experience SMB writer that gets results.

I have a special place in my heart for supporting the marketing and creative efforts of SMBs (small and medium businesses). I flourished in my decades-long career as an in-house SMB writer in Boston. And I continue to flourish as a freelance writer for small businesses.

I know how to overcome the challenges of tight budgets and limited staffing. I know what it’s like to plan an email program, update a website, and create materials for a trade show–all in a single day. If you’re in charge of marketing at an SMB, I’ve been in your shoes.

My background as an in-house SMB marketer is the source of my greatest copywriting and marketing strengths:

Versatility, adaptability, perseverence and pursuit of the highest-quality work.

Versatile capabilities give support to SMBs.
Versatile capabilities give support to SMBs.

I love of digging deep into new areas of knowledge and skills. This expertise has enabled me to work across industries and verticals, from B2Bs to B2Cs to non-profits. Working with a Boston-based SMB writer with broad skills sets and industry experience makes sense for smaller businesses that need strong marketing support.

A creative professional with a long-standing career in Boston

I love this town!

Westebbe Marketing was founded in Boston–a city that represents forward-looking techology, old-word sophistication, contemporary creativity, and natural wonder. In this dynamic city, with its multitude of styles, this SMB writer in Boston will help you find your brand’s unique style based on your marketing strategy.

If you’re in the Boston area, I can be right by your side. Anywhere else and I’m just a Zoom session away. And anytime you’re in Boston, I’ll glady show you around–whether it’s whale watching, a stroll around historic Beacon Hill, a sail through the harbor, or a museum with world famous art.