The Content Creation Process

A content creation process that takes the edge off

Copywriting and content creation Process

The Disorganization Problem:
An organized content creation process prevents unexpected snags, delays, frantic team members, low motivation, and poor results. Last-minute changes can also cost you money.

The Process-Oriented Solution:
An organized process, on the other hand, supports you and your team in important ways:

  • Get higher quality content, for better results
  • Take off unnessary pressure (and get a good night sleep)
  • Meet your deadlines without aggravation
  • Avoid costly last-minute changes
  • Improve team productivity and motivation

All of these things contribute to a work environment that generates the best project results for both digital and print projects.

The Process for Successful Content Creation:

Content Creation Process. (1) Project Definition, (2) Collaboration, (3) Edit & Review, (4) Communicatin & Solutions
  • STEP #1: Project  Definition. First, we’ll build out a creative brief that defines content criteria, scope, resources and a feasible schedule for milestones and project completion.
  • STEP #2: Collaboration. Writers don’t work in a vacuum. It’s my pleasure to work hand-in-hand with your marketing staff, business team, IT group, clients, and vendors.
  • STEP #3: Edit and Review. The final review process for print collateral is fairly straight forward. For digital content it takes a bit more. The areas we check, in concert with your staff and the back-end development team, include:
    • Content accuracy
    • Link functionality
    • Display of images and video
    • Forms and landing pages
    • Analytical processes
    • Loading time
  • STEP #4: Communication & Solutions. Problems can happen. It’s life. My insistence on good planning anticipates potential concerns. Should there be a glitch, I’ll quickly bring it to your attention and offer realistic solutions. Nothing will fall through the cracks.

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