Brochures / Annual Reports

Many companies still make print annual reports available and have downloadable PDFs on their websites.  Some audiences want these familiar formats. At the same time, more and more public companies are transforming their annual reports into rich digital experiences to capture the attention of investors. In addition to full-screen visuals, they may include  interactivity, videos, animation and social sharing functionalities. While I wouldn’t recommend your annual report looking like an  action/adventure movie, such extras can increase investor engagement and help modernize your brand. Together, let’s create a dynamic report that connects you and your investors.



Ruderman Family Foundation 10th Anniversary Booklet

IBIS Diversity Report – Sample Pages,  Redacted



Mathcad Brochure [Copy, Artistic Supervision]

TAD – Corporate Brochure [Copy, Artistic Supervision]y]

TAD – Brochure Family [Copy, Artistic Supervision]

Chestnut Hollow_Brochure [Copy]

Akamai – EdgeSuite

Iron Mountain – PC Product Protection

Athenium- Claims

Athenium – Reviewer Add-On

Athenium QLR Add-On



Annual Reports

NetGenesis Anual Report [Graphics only]

March of Dimes Annual Reports [Graphics only]