Traditional and Digital Media

Traditional Media

Print never goes out of style. It  doesn’t have the irritation factor of pop-ups, it’s not as ephemeral as web pages, it’s better retained than digital content and is responded to more quickly than digital offers.  Sometimes there’s just no substitute: a prospect grabs your brochure at a trade show; an investor keeps your annual report on his or her desk within easy view;  a printed direct mail piece isn’t just deleted off email. My career began in print and I know how to make it work for you.

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Digital Media

It takes a skilled marketer to pull together all the necessary components to create a strong internet presence and generate qualified leads. I use a strategic approach to building comprehensive campaigns that meet your objectives. If I’m working on a particular part of your plan, such as blogging or social media, I’m always eager to team up with your staff or other outside vendors.

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