Confused about Long-Form and Short-Form Content? Here’s the Low-Down.

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One of the great mysteries of content marketing is how long a blog article should be. Does it make sense to spend hours or days writing a 3,000-word blog article, or would it be just as effective to spend one hour writing a 350-word post? Should I write a series of five 500-word articles or a single 2,500 word article? It’s all a question of how to harness your time and resources to achieve the greatest impact on traffic, leads, and customers.

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6 Easy Tips to Write Great B2B Technology Blog Articles Faster

If you’re writing for a B2B technology blog, how can you write share-worthy articles more quickly? Do a Google search for “fast blog writing” and you’ll find articles with titles such as “The Perfect Blog Article in 60 Minutes” or “Tips for Writing Blog Articles in Under an Hour.” That sounds great in theory, but while an hour might be enough time to write “6 Ways to Wash your Cat” or “Expert Tofu Grilling Techniques,” experience shows that an hour just isn’t realistic when crafting a well-researched article that includes credible facts, context, data, trends, and expert opinions. Still, a technology blog writer’s time is valuable and you face deadlines. So how can you be more efficient, while still providing high value for your B2B technology audience? Here are some useful techniques to put in your creative arsenal.

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