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Be a better B2B Marketing with Audience Personas

Learn the benefits of using audience personas, what to create them, and an example you can use as your template. [Use Expand arrows for full-page view.]

47 Statististics for Writing Great Blog Posts

The 47 powerful Statistics tell you what you need to know to write blog posts that increase website traffic and conversion.

Ace Your Next B2B Blog Article

Learn how to write effective B2B blog articles that provide a positive user experience and help reach your organization’s blog goals.

LinkedIn is an unbeatable social platform for B2B content. Find out why using hashtags on LinkedIn is a great strategy you can use to expand your network, broaden your reach, and gain audience insights.

Article: I Hate Writing Articles–Isn’t There an Easier Way?!
Here’s an interesting article about how you can access articles, even if you hate writing. It promotes short articles as a way to increase website traffic. While Westebbe Marketing typically produces longer articles, this blog might be helpful to you.

Tool: 50-Point Website Content Checkup
This DIY tool give you a way to understand the effectiveness of your website content. At the end, based on your score, you see broad next steps to improve your site’s performance. The 50 criteria are grouped into 5 categories:
<li>Graphic Design & User Experience
<li>Copy & Messaging
<li>Landing Pages & Lead Forms
<li>Company Blog</ol>