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With years as an in-house marketer and writer at technology companies, I gained significant white paper experience. I found they they consistently attracted high quality leads, built industry authority, and gave our team a powerful tool for opening new doors and moving the sales process forward.

We focus on writing white papers clearly and persuasively–without hype. We help our clients pinpoint unique perspectives that bring new insights to readers.

When we create white papers, our process includes:

  • Audience Definition: Gaining a full understanding of audience to anticipate their questions and concerns
  • Expert Research: Researching the topic using client interviews, online references, industry resources, and internal documents 
  • Problem-Solution Formulation: Thoroughly identifying and exploring the problem, then proposing potential solutions or recommendations
  • Scanning and Fact-Finding: Formatting to easily get the gist, find key details, and present in-depth information in a digestible way.
  • Branding: Use the tone and language that reinforces the brand and engages the reader.

Not sure about white papers? Here are the facts:

  • High-Value: 60 percent of respondents said white papers are a valuable way to generate new leads. 
  • Sharing with Colleagues: 2016 Content Preferences Surve: 79 percent of B2B respondents shared white papers with their colleagues.
  • Decision-Making: The 2018 Demand Gen Survey Report, indicated that 71 percent of B2B buyers use white papers to research buying decisions.  
  • Lead-Generation: One out of every four B2B buyers, three are willing to share their personal details in order to access a white paper.

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