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Websites, email, and social media are key players in the marketing game. There are several problems, though, in trying to break through in the digital sphere.

First off, digital advertising, and content in general, is highly competitive and visibility is usually short-lived. Users scroll through search results pages quickly, and it’s hard to grab their attention. Even if they click on your link, they may only stay on your page for a few seconds.

Print brochures offer some solutions, making them a distinct and important part of your overall marketing strategy and branding process.

A physical brochure has many advantages–in the hands of the right copywriter and design team:

  • Networking and New Business Outreach: A well-designed brochure is a great way to introduce your business at trade shows, meetings, business openings, and other in-person events. An engaging brochure is a tangible sign of your credibility and professionalism
  • Multiple Channels: Brochures expand your visibility by moving your brand into the “real world.” Carefully located brochures help your reach new audiences–in reception areas, mall stores and kiosks, public bulletin boards and literature racks, in packaged orders, and so on. Of course your brochure can also be digitized and placed on your website for reading or download.
  • Duration of Exposure: The competition for digital attention makes it hard to get all but the briefest exposure. An engaging brochure, on the otherhand, has staying power. It’s a visible reminder of your company as long as it remains on a desk or countertop. As customers consider their purchases, they will often keep brochures for reference.
  • Budget-Friendly: Brochures are low-cost to produce, especially in bulk. For SMBs with a limited marketing budget, brochures have multiple uses and are effective for building visibility, brand recognition, and credibility.
  • Retention and Brand Identity: People scroll down computer screens in a flash, passing over multiple ads a second. Once in hand, people are more likely to spend more time reading through a brochure, increasing brand identity and product retention.
  • More Information: Brochures deliver more information at a time than postcards, Google ads, social media posts, and other marketing vehicles. Even a small tri-fold, can deliver multiple sections of information that can be easily digested.

A badly designed brochure can say as much about your business as a well- designed one. Westebbe Marketing can send out the right message, and work in tandem with a graphic designer so the wording, design, and format are just right for the audience you want to reach.

Here are some examples of the many brochures produced by Westebbe Marketing:

Ruderman Family Foundation 10th Anniversary Booklet

IBIS Diversity Report – Sample Pages,  Redacted



Mathcad Brochure [Copy, Artistic Supervision]

TAD – Corporate Brochure [Copy, Artistic Supervision]y]

TAD – Brochure Family [Copy, Artistic Supervision]

Chestnut Hollow_Brochure [Copy]

Akamai – EdgeSuite

Iron Mountain – PC Product Protection

Athenium- Claims

Athenium – Reviewer Add-On

Athenium QLR Add-On