Annual Reports

Effective annual reports reflect the uniqueness of your brand.

Annual Report - Westebbe Marketing

The straight-forward role of effective annual reports is to provide public disclosure of a company’s annual operating and financial activities. But your annual report can be so much more.

Any annual report will include the basics, such as a letter from the CEO, financial statements, and market sectors performance. Annual report can also provide a human touch. Don’t miss the opportunity

  • Tell a story about how your products have an edge over the competition
  • Pump up investors, suppliers, and partners with future-oriented messaging.
  • Provide a personality and build trust in your brand
  • Highlights employees, who are literally the face of your company

Transform your annual reports into a dynamic digital experience.

Today’s public companies are transforming their annual reports into rich digital experiences.Of course your annual report will look polished and professional. But instead of a dull, dry piece, your annual report will include dynamic elements that elevate your brand’s image to employees, investors, donors, clients, and others stakeholders.

Whether your annual report is 20 pages or 200 pages, the right copywriter and creative experts can make it and engaging way to find out how your business is performing.

We partner with interactive designers who excel in digital capabilities for annual reports:

  • Digitally designed web publishing, complete with navigation and user-friendly menus; html formats that improve search rankings
  • Screen-ready, responsive, mobile-friendly formats for any device
  • Multimedia capabilities, including videos and animation
  • Customizable elements that enable user segments to get expanded information or view individualized “tracks”
  • Interactivity, such as downloadable .csv files that allow analysts to quickly compile data and instantly create pie charts and bar charts
  • Social Sharing
  • Calls-to-Action

While I wouldn’t recommend your annual report looking like an  action/adventure movie, such extras can increase investor engagement and and increase the perception that your company is innovative and ready for the next stage of growth.

Annual Report Portfolio:

NetGenesis Anual Report [Graphics only]

March of Dimes Annual Reports [Graphics only]