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Frequently Asked Questions:

My in-house marketing background includes hiring and collaborating with many external creative professionals. Before hiring a new freelance copywriter, I always wanted to know the answers to a series of questions.

To save you time, I’ve answered these questions for you.

If you want more complete answers, just contact me directly by phone, email, or on my contact page.

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What services do you offer?

What is your background?

What industries have you worked in?

Do you have a range of writing styles?

Do you optimize content for search engines?

How do you research a topic?

Can you work with others my team?

What is your work process?

How long does it take to complete a project?

Do you collaborate with other creative professionals?

What is your pricing?

What freelance copywriting and content services do you offer?

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What is your background?

I’m an eclectic person. I have an bachelor of music degree from Syracuse University (I play flute and sing), I’ve sold my own jewelry and art, and I have an MBA in marketing and organizational behavior. After a foray into music management, I decided that a career path that relied on earplugs, being super cool, and late night club-hopping wasn’t for me.

From music to marketing. A friend brought me into her public relations agency, which gave me a new start. Ultimately, I decided that I really enjoyed marketing and writing, but PR? Not so much. I began working my way into other areas of marketing communications—digging into both the business and creative sides. Since then, I’ve worked as a marketing manager (and solo creative team) for a variety of small B2B agencies, primarily in the technology industry.

So why am I a freelance copywriter? My career path took a few twists and turns, but one thing stayed constant: I always took on creative projects with gusto. I often worked with freelance writers but was left disappointed too many times. After rewriting much of the work I paid for, I found my niche—writing content grounded in marketing strategy. In 2005 I started Westebbe Marketing to offer the highest quality content to reachyour marketing and campaign objectives.

What industries have you worked in?

When I founded Westebbe Marketing, I had a largely B2B tech client base—which reflected many of my in-house positions. I have since branched out, with B2B clients in healthcare, biotechnology, and education. I have also enjoyed growth into B2C with med spas, construction companies, and other home contracting services.

Another specialty reflects the quality of my copywriting: I have ongoing work with several interactive agencies. Not only do I write for their clients, but I also work on the agencies’ own web pages and blog articles. Most have worked with many writers, and all have given me high praise for the quality of my writing, my ability to learn about new industries and topics, working well under pressure, and collaborating in a friendly and effective manner.

Do you have a range of writing styles?

I pride myself on being flexible—which is how I can write successfully for clients in fields from cybersecurity companies to the building trades. I am equally comfortable targeting high-level executives, middle managers, small business owners, industry influencers, and consumers. I do my best to consistently reflect your company’s brand, values and voice–while keeping your audience top of mind.

Do you optimize content for search engines (SEO)?

I am adept at optimizing content for search engines. I can do basic keyword research for you, then apply front-end SEO techniques in headlines and body copy. If I’m working directly on your WordPress site and you have Yoast or other optimizing tool, I can provide even greater assurance that your information will be found, liked, and shared.

How do you research a topic?

I love doing research as part of freelance copywriting because I love learning about new clients, industries, and subject matter. My first resource is you, so I will ask for you for relevant internal or external information, including trade sites, blogs, or competitor sites. Occasionally I will ask to interview staff members, clients, or others, plus,I can look at your competitor’s website or blog. I am a stickler for make sure that I use the most current information I can find from reliable sources.

If I feel that the required research is extensive and beyond the scope of the project, I’ll have a discussion with you to either curtail the research or provide additional budget for it.

Can you work with others on my team?

I am more than qualified to work with your marketing team, having been in their shoes for decades! Unlike many writers, I fully understand their pressures and what they need to succeed. Whether I am working with a single individual or a broader team, I am eager to provide direction as needed, be a sounding board, help brainstorm, and accept feedback to enhance the project. I am equally adept at working with people at every level of your organization and across business functions.

What is your work process?

My goal as a freelance copywriter is to provide you with high-quality results through collaboration and efficient processes. I expect you are very busy, and I don’t waste your valuable time. I will start by ask for any relevant information you can provide. My main tool for new clients or more complex projects is a creative brief that explores all aspect of what you need to succeed. At the same time, we will define the project scope, budget, schedule, and approval process.

My process goals are to create mutual understanding and create a work flow that is comfortable for you. I can show you an outline first, share my progress at different points, or just push through and see what you think. It’s up to you.

I generally allow for three round of edits. If the project goes beyond scope I will determine if additional resources or supplemental budget is needed. You will be the first to know if there are bumps along the way—no surprises.

How long does it take to complete a project?

Different projects take different amounts of time, and we’ll determine a realistic time frame at the start of the project. You may have internal dealines, and I’ll let you know if they are reasonable. If not, I’ll work with you to determine a feasable alternative plan.

I’m a fast worker and do my best to meet all deadlines–I have an excellent track record. At the same time, I’ll never skimp on quality to save a few minutes. Unlike larger agencies, I will give you my utmost attention, no matter the size of your business or project. If I run into any problems that may affect the schedule, I’ll contact you immediately.

Do you collaborate with other creative professionals?  

This is an aspect of being a freelance copywriter that I truly love (I’m a frustrated graphic designer). If you have an in-house creative team, I will gladly provide input, review ideas, and help integrate all creative elements into a single unified project. I also have virtual partnerships with other creative marketing professionals, including graphic designers, interactive developers, SEO experts, photographers, and others. I’m happy to recommend other creative experts who can assist in project development and execution.  

What are your freelance copywriting rates?

My pricing is very competitive for someone with my copywriting experience and marketing expertise. You get what you pay for! I promise to deliver high-quality, fact-based, original work—with your brand, style, audience, and objectives in mind. You can look at my rates for more specific pricing information.

If you have any other question, I’m happy to discuss them. Please email me, call me, or use my contact page.