Expert Copywriting in Boston

Inspiration of copywriting in Boston: Beacon HIll, Whale watch, Boston skyline, Institute of Contemporary art
Copywriting in Beautiful Boston!

Copywriter in Boston…And Beyond

I grew up outside of New York City (let’s hear it for Mamaroneck!), but Boston has been my home since 1982. I do miss good New York pizza, but the feeling of copywriting in Boston got in my blood.

Westebbe Marketing, specializing in copywriting and content creation, was founded in Boston. This city is an inspiration. It represents forward-looking techology, old-word sophistication, contemporary creativity, and natural seaside wonders. Whether you’re in Boston or another city, I’ll help you find your brand’s unique voice.

High-Quality Content Creation

Content creation is the heart of digital marketing. It’s what drives traffic, converts leads, and builds your reputation. But poor quality writing can send your hard work down the tubes. The higher the quality, the more readers will read you content, share it, spend time on your site, and believe in you.

Google takes notice of quality-based positive audience response, such as high click-throughs and low bounce rates. Add into the mix proper SEO techniques–including keywords, readability, scannability, and meta data–and you have content that is indexed and rewarded with higher ranking on search pages.

Westebbe marketing pays attention to you readers and search engines, so you get results that pump up sales and your bottom line.

Boston’s the place for copywriting and content you can count on.

If you’re in the Boston area, I can be right by your side. Anywhere else and I’m just a Zoom session away. And anytime you’re in Boston, I’ll glady show you around–whether it’s whale watching, a stroll around historic Beacon Hill, a sail through the harbor, or a museum with world famous art. Or JP Licks ice cream.

If you prefer New York, I’ll meet you at Sal’s Pizzeria in Mamaroneck.