Copywriting Rates

I’m not the cheapest copy writer around but…
My copywriting rates are competitive for a marketing writer who:

  • Is a highly experienced writer with a broad marketing background
  • Understands marketing strategy and how to apply it to content projects
  • Optimizes content for search engines (SEO without sacrificing user-value)
  • Conducts research for insights into your industry and competitors
  • Offers highly personalized services and attention
  • Has a great eye for design and loves working with graphic and web designers
  • Will work as an adjunct team member as needed

Copywriting rates vary by project criteria.

The rates below are approximate. These are some of the most common projects I work on, but my capabilities are extensive. As we discuss your project, we will determine copywriting rates that are reasonable based on specific criteria.

Blog Articles

Approximately $150-$300. Prices may vary based on length, type of content, sourcing and research required, and level of technicality. More on my blogging

Web Pages

500-600 Words: $150-250. Pricing may vary based on article length, research requirements, meetings, interviews, and other criteria. 

White Papers

Typical Specifications:

  • Word Count: 3,000-5,000 (10-12 pages)
  • Total Writing Hours: 25-50 hours
  • Planning Fee: $90/hour [The elements to define during the planning process include marketing goals, target audience and needs, data visualization needs, list of sources, target keywords and search terms, project scheduling, contact and approval process]
  • Copywriting Fee: $2500-5,000
    More on my white papers


  • Initial draft of executive summary and outline, for discussion and comments
  • SEO-friendly body copy, headlines and subheads
  • Required tables, pull quotes and footnotes (complex items may incur an additional fee)
  • Revisions to incorporate comments (generally 2; additional research, revisions and work beyond original scope or may incur additional fees)

Emails and Newsletter Articles

500-600 Words: $350-500. Pricing for emails and newsletters may vary based on article length, research requirements, meetings, interviews, and other criteria.

Sales & Marketing Collateral

Quotes upon request. Capabilities include brochures, annual reports, trade show materials, presentations, and more.

Add-On Options

  • Online source development, $275 [Deliverable: A list of up to 10 relevant source articles and/or organizations, with summary of each]
  • Interviews, $175 each [Deliverable: Interview of up to 1-hour, formatted interview results, with notes to highlight key points and quote-worthy items]
  • Competitive website content analysis, $1,650 [Deliverable: Report identifying key areas of focus by up to 3 client-specified competitors based on website content. Report covers list of topics, frequency and quantity of white papers, blog posts, ebooks, videos, webinars, podcasts, slides/PowerPoints, FAQs and other information located on their website.]

Rates for other projects will be provided upon request.