Secrets to Authoring Great Blog Articles for B2B Audiences

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It occurred to me that writing B2B blogs is not so different than business writing in general. I went online and searched for “better business writing” to compare my professional blog writing advice with experts focusing on business writing. Sure enough, most of the same tips apply.

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Don’t Miss Out: Use Hashtags on LinkedIn to Boost B2B Engagement.

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LinkedIn is an unbeatable platform for publishing B2B content.

LinkedIn is prime content real estate for B2B Marketers. There are many reasons why business make it a major part of their social media strategies, including:

  • Thought Leadership: LinkedIn is one of the best spaces for publishing long-form content that builds credibility and the perception of expertise among B2B professionals.
  • Engagement Opportunities: The platform offers numerous ways to build engagement with leads, customers, and peers through posts, comments, groups, articles, and more.
  • SEO: Google search engines crawl every post on LinkedIn, supporting your SEO efforts.

What’s missing from that the list above? LinkedIn’s hashtag funtionality. Unlike consumer-oriented social platforms, LinkedIn’s professional base provides extensive opportunities to leverage hashtags as a B2B marketing tool.

You can’t afford to pass up hashtags on LinkedIn.

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Blog Writing Advice: 43 Quotes from Expert Bloggers, Business Leaders, and Authors

Writing blog articles doesn’t always go the way you want it to. Sometimes the right topic is isive. Other times you’re off to a good start but get blocked in the middle. There are also days you’re in the groove, but hours later realize that you’ve wandered off course and need to start all over again. If you’re having a hard time concentrating (which happens to a lot of use these days), writing can feel like swimming in a sea of molasses.

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Put People First: B2B Blogging During COVID

Caring about customers

You’ve done a great job learning about your audience. You know why customers like to do business with you. You know what topics they care about. You know how to talk to them. Or at least you thought you knew. Now you’re not so sure. Perhaps it’s time to reflect on making changes to our blogging and content.

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Don’t Get a Failing Grade on Your Next B2B Blog Article.

Failing Grade to A+

You may think you’re ready to start writing your next blog post—but are you really? In my last blog post I shared my 11-point blog post checklist, full of how-to advice for each aspect of your blog articles, such as the title, subheads, and call-to-action. But something was missing. My checklist for writing a high-quality article was right on target, except for one thing—some pre-checklist homework.

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